1986 to 1990

A Model For The Prevention of Rape On Campus
Committee For Common Purposes, Rutgers University, November 21, 1990.

Rape and Its Consequences
Athletic Department Annual Training Meeting, November 14, 1990.

Cross Cultural Issues In Faculty/Student Relationships
National Conference on Racialand Ethnic Relations in American Higher Education, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 1-5, 1990.

Heightening Cultural Awareness
Metropolitan New York City Association of Career Counselors, Fairleigh Dickinson University, May 24, 1990.

Transference and Counter-transference in Multi-Cultural Counseling
International Counseling Center, Washington, D.C.A Conference on Cross-Cultural Counseling and Cross Cultural Communication, May 8-10, 1990.

How To Prevent Rape and Acquaintance Rape
Mercer County Community College Workshop, April 23-24, 1990.

The Victim of Rape
New Jersey Conference on Acquaintance Rape, Rutgers University, March 2, 1990.

Cross Cultural Issues in Student/Faculty Relationships
Conference on the Thresholdof Change, Focus on Cultural Diversity, Trenton State College. A Conference for faculty, staff and students interested in fostering cultural diversity, October 12, 1989.

Learning To Live Together
Creator of Mandatory Workshop for Incoming Freshman, Cook College, Rutgers University, September 1989.

Cross Cultural Issues in Transference and Countertransference InteramericanCongress of Psychology, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 25-30, 1989.

Understanding Your Co-Worker's Culture
Invited Consultant, Trenton State College, June 7, 1989.

The Prevention of Sexual Assault
A mandatory program created for Incoming Freshman, RutgersUniversity, 1986.

Issues Related to Sexual Assault On Campus
Training of Preceptors and Residence Assistants since 1986.

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